Dynamics 365 & Power platform

Semtitans Pvt Ltd. helped Mumbai-based Cloudfronts Dynamics 365 & power platform to enhance the speed performance and Converted static to Dynamic website for smoother & better lead generation.

About Cloudfronts

Cloudfronts are a Gold Cloud Platform, Gold Data Analytics, Gold Application Development, and Gold Cloud CRM Microsoft Partner, which showcases our deep capabilities on Dynamics 365, Power BI, and the Azure platform. 

They also collaborate with partners around the globe to help them focus on strategic aspects of their growing Dynamics businesses while we assist with everything from Pre-Sales to Delivery and Post Go-Live Support. 

Their goal is to ensure the successful implementation of our client’s and partners’ requirements through well-executed projects supported by strong technical and functional expertise across all our teams.  You can explore more about them here


1) The first challenge that we faced in this project was that the website was hard coded because of which every time you want to make changes on it you were bonded to hire some outer source.

2) We found many security issues on the website. Examples for a few of them are listed below: a) – Broken Plugins b) – Missing Database from the website c) – Website Loading issue due to security reasons.

3) The website was not stable and responsive in a way that it fits well on the window of every device which can cause low responsiveness.

4) We need to work on the production as well as the development environment part to keep updating both the domains.

5) Since the website was hardcoded therefore the files & codes were not properly in a customized manner and there were many pieces of information that were not minified in a proper way.

6) Along with the above-mentioned challenges one of them was to get the speed of the website increased in order to reduce the overall bounce rate and increase the interaction rate.

7) A large number of spam mail and irrelevant leads were recorded which needed to be eliminated for better performance.

Solution Delivered

To overcome all the challenges and improve the website performance we have carried out the following optimization steps: 

Plugins & Page Builder used


Elementor page builder

Contact form 7

Screenshot 2021-10-27 195925

CRM (for manageing all leads in one place)



There are many reasons building a website requires that we obtain the right tools and resources. Below are the end results of all the optimization steps that we carry out and started implementing on the website:

  1. After implementing the above-mentioned steps on the website it has started receiving more visitors than in the previous period. and they were getting quality leads from the website.
  2. Also, the lead quality has improved and they have started receiving more relevant leads rather than spam emails.
  3. After creating the webpage through elementor the quality of the page has increased and become more interactive. The web pages are now displayed correctly in every browser and the visitors can experience a more responsive website.
  4. The website is now easy to navigate which leads to an increase in user-friendliness.
  5. We always use the right tool to make sure that our created web pages are standard, responsive, interactive, user-friendly, and acceptable to every visitor.