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Programmatic Media Buying

About This Service

The way in which brands and advertisers reach the masses is changing, and programmatic is the primary driving force behind it. Instead of utilizing one brand message to a broad, not necessarily specific audience, brands can now tailor their messaging, at scale, to nurture customer relationships on a 1:1 basis. Programmatic technology allows advertisers to take everything that they know about their customers and potential customers and deliver a unique experience at each stage in the consumer journey.


Demand Side Platforms

DSPs are where your campaigns are created, managed and
optimized. It is the programmatic equivalent to the Adwords UI.


Data Management Platform

collects and analyze a vast amounts of user behavior and cookie data. Marketers can segment and create new audiences to target based on their specific strategy and goals of their campaigns.


Supply Side Platform

When an ad space goes into a programmatic option, the role of the Supply Side Platform is to determine which ad is the right one to show to the user at that time. These auctions are concluded within milliseconds.


Publishers are the site or app where ads are ultimately shown. Typically, publishers use SSPs and exchanges to auction off their unsold inventory automatically.

3 different ways to execute buys


Open RTB exchange

This is a collection of open ad exchanges, each of which provides relevant ad inventory to the advertiser via a Demand Side Platform (DSP) such as DoubleClick Bid Manager, Mediamath or The Trade Desk. Advertisers bid on this inventory on a CPM basis. They have control of the level of bid they want to use.


Private Marketplaces

(PMPs or Private Exchanges): These are auctions that contain unsold inventory that the publisher sets aside for select advertisers. To enter these auctions, advertisers must bid a minimum floor price, set by the publisher. Typically, the content is premium higher traffic areas of the site or app.


Guaranteed Direct

This is the programmatic version of the direct buy. Rather than dealing with the hassle of RFP’s and sales staff, advertisers can create deals directly with publisher via a DSP, allowing them to report and monitor the campaigns themselves. The usual format of these deals is a set amount of impressions for a set price.

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