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About I love Real Estate

Working with Semtitians Digital PVT. LTD has been a major turning point for my business. They are very knowledgeable and professional, their Google Ads and SEO expertise has helped us to generate leads and build our business quickly. Their experience and skill level are very important to our company as they know what strategies will work best for reaching our target market, which has saved us both time and money. We highly recommend the Semtitians Digital PVT. LTD.

SEO Strategy

Ours is a very competitive industry and getting quality leads with a limited budget has been our challenge from day one. The cost per click is very high and we can’t burn cash without seeing positive ROI from the campaigns. And organically too we are not ranking anywhere on Google for some important keywords for our business.


In order to bring down the CPC of the keywords, we did thorough keyword research, selected keywords that are less competitive to control the cost per click, created highly relevant ads for better Quality Score which also helped to bring down the CPC. Recommended to create a service-specific landing page and used that in ads for higher conversion rate.
Reach out to your Potential Customers and Boost your Sales with our reliable and proven strategies. Semtitans can help.