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About Patricia Catering

Patricia Catering & Cocktails (PC & C) has been operating the business in Omaha since 1986. Their customer includes many corporations from box breakfasts and lunches, to retirement parties, corporate picnics, high-end events, and everything in between, and social customer events from birthday parties, to Omaha weddings, to dinner parties, to memorial meals.

Client’s Marketing Goals

The client’s primary goal was to generate a good number of leads at a minimum cost. Initially, we created a conversion campaign to increase the number of lead inquiries.

Services, Solutions & Outcome

After monitoring the performance, we did not receive the desired result hence we paused the Birthday ad set and created a new ad set with Wedding events combined with Corporate event audiences and allocated the entire budget. It received average results with a high cost per lead. Since the cost per lead was increasing, we planned to test with a new Lead generation campaign. Lead Ads allow users to stay on the platform while completing and submitting your lead form. Users aren’t ever sent to an external landing page — meaning they are never redirected anywhere. This is key to boosting conversions, offering a seamless user experience (UX), avoiding the friction of a longer click-through path for the lead, and leaving a positive impression on your leads

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