How Semtitans helped Wild Flowers & Milk with effective Facebook Ads Campaigns?

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About Company

Wild Flowers & Milk™ creates custom breastmilk keepsake jewelry by preserving customer’s breastmilk into beautiful timeless pieces of jewelry to celebrate & honor their breastfeeding! It can be also customized with or without flowers. Customers can select designs and the wildflower of their choice and order jewelry of their choice. 

Advertising Goal

The aims was to optimize campaigns to generate sales and maximize return on investment (ROI). The strategic focus was on directing potential traffic to the website and encouraging them to make a purchase.

Services, Solutions & Outcome

The client gives offers and discounts to the users frequently. He wanted us to promote those in our ads. We used some interests like “sale, discount promotion, etc.” in the targeting and implemented the sale ads. We created different ad sets based on holiday promotions such as “Christmas, Black Friday, etc.” The sale ads generated a good number of conversions at a low cost per result.

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