How to Leverage Moment Marketing on Social Media for Your Brand

Digital marketing has come a long way, has transformed the way businesses communicate with their audience. As per digital marketing agency services providers, the platform of marketing is going good alongside the current events, companies can not only stand out from their competitors, they can reach new audiences and amplify their exposure.

Social media marketing has been a widely used method to connect with a brand’s target audience. The social media advertising services providers talk about Moment Marketing as the new, hot trend of e-commerce marketing that is being used by companies to develop online relationships with their customers. It grew out of brands’ desire to be more authentic and responsive with their audience on social media. It is done by sharing emotional moments on social. If done right, they can be very powerful in getting the required attention.

So, what is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is a real-time marketing strategy, taking its cue from the numerous micro-moments that occur every day on the internet. It involves companies being proactive and incorporating their products in the latest events and trends to connect offline and online audiences. A few years back, a real-time strategy was unheard of, yet today it serves as a buzzword for most brands. According to social media marketing consultant moment marketing helps brands remain fresh in the minds of consumers through innovative out-of-the-box thinking. A big part of this has to do with technology, which helps target consumers with timely messages on multiple platforms including television, the Internet, newspapers, radio, Facebook, and social media. Below are some of the moment marketing campaigns.

Seize the time

Moment marketing has built a machine learning engine that delivers highly personalized messages based on the user’s intent. With a simple hashtag on Twitter during the 2013 Superbowl has become a reality of what is “Real-Time Social Media Marketing” which is trending now as well. Oreo’s tweet and retweets before the Superbowl game is still considered by many to be the most memorable element of the game. The recent event of Goggle Ads being down gave many companies a chance to leverage movement marketing.

Sales at the center of the campaigns

A well-executed communication strategy helps the company effectively to reach and resonate with the audience. Customers will be more engaged when they know about the company message is tailored to them. Craft a personalized experience that caters to customer interests or product offerings, so they feel engaged. By creating special promotions around the pop-culture moments, relevant news events, or trends that can use to relate offers back to the selection of products. That way if a customer engages with the ad they can be guided to purchase.

Make use of existing memes

Memes are funny images that typically spread over the web with no mention of who created them or where they originally came from. These days, most people rely on social media for entertainment and memes are some of the most powerful tools to assist with the viral marketing campaign. Anyone can make memes or use existing memes on some of the most popular forums or even just with friends via text or instant messaging. Popular memes can get shared thousands of times, get alternative interpretations made about them, and will get people talking about the brand, which means that it is like free advertising for the product or service.

Engage in friendly banter

Over the years brands have leveraged this technique not only to interact with each other but also to interact with fans of these rivalries. Brands can engage with competitors and their loyal customer base at the same time, creating a triple win situation.

Wrapping Up

The digital marketing consulting services providers talk about moment marketing which happens spontaneously as a result of a moment can help the company reach out to a large number of customers at a low cost. This could help the company improve brand recall and form a deeper connection with customers over the long term. Moment marketing campaigns create awareness for brands by targeting the force of human emotion via platforms like online blogs and social media.

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