A Comprehensive Guide on How to Outsource SEO for E-Commerce

As your e-commerce business progresses, it’s crucial to employ SEO tactics designed to boost sales, enhance visibility, and surpass competitors. Yet, your internal marketing resources may be stretched thin, and their limited expertise could hinder your SEO efforts. This is where entrusting your SEO to a digital marketing agency becomes invaluable.

By collaborating with the appropriate partner, you can unleash remarkable growth opportunities. Dive into this all-encompassing manual on outsourcing SEO for your e-commerce enterprise.

why outsourceing SEO is helpful

Why outsourcing SEO is helpful?

For your e-commerce website, every click counts and every conversion is a victory. The decision to outsource local SEO to a specialized agency can be just the right game-changer your e-commerce business needs. Here are 5 reasons why outsourcing SEO is a great strategic move.

1. Guaranteed ROI: 

Picture this, a carefully crafted SEO strategy implemented by seasoned SEO experts, to fit your business needs. With an agency, you’re not just investing in services; you’re investing in results. You know that when you invest in SEO, there is a promise of a tangible return on investment. SEO agencies are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience. They can deliver measurable outcomes, ensuring that every penny you spend translates into increased traffic, higher rankings, and ultimately, more revenue for your e-commerce business.

2. A Fresh Perspective: 

It is easy for your in-house team to get stuck in their ways, relying on familiar tactics and overlooking new strategies. By outsourcing local SEO, you’ll get a fresh perspective in the mix. These agencies are constantly honing their skills and adapting to industry trends. Their outside perspective can inject new ideas, creative solutions, and cutting-edge techniques into your SEO efforts, giving your business a competitive edge in the crowded online marketplace.

3. Eliminate the Risk: 

Let’s face it: SEO is complex. One wrong move – a black hat tactic here, a misjudged algorithm update there, and your rankings could plummet, taking you to the bottom line. But with an experienced SEO agency, you can reduce that risk. These experts are well-versed in SEO. By outsourcing SEO, you offload the burden of uncertainty onto experts who know how to navigate the ever-changing terrain of search engine optimization, safeguarding your business against costly missteps.

4. Increase in Conversion Rate:

Conversion rates are essential for every e-commerce business. After all, what good is a flood of traffic if it doesn’t turn into sales? By optimizing your website for search engines, these agencies don’t just drive traffic; they drive targeted, high-quality traffic; in other words, users actively seeking the products you offer. With strategic keyword targeting, compelling content, and user-friendly design, they can turn casual browsers into loyal customers, boosting your conversion rates.

5. Cost-Effective:

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing SEO isn’t just for big e-commerce websites. It can be a cost-effective solution for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Consider the alternative: hiring and training an in-house team, investing in tools and resources, and shouldering the ongoing costs of salaries and benefits. By outsourcing SEO, you gain access to a team of seasoned professionals without the hefty overhead. With flexible pricing models, scalable services, and the ability to tailor solutions to your budget, these agencies offer a cost-effective way to supercharge your SEO efforts without breaking the bank.

Common mistakes while outsourcing SEO

Common mistakes while outsourcing SEO

  1. Opting for extremely low-cost options: While affordability can be appealing, excessively cheap services often correlate with subpar quality and a lack of comprehensive SEO offerings.
  2. Choosing inexperienced SEO providers: Entrusting your SEO to novices can lead to errors and ineffective strategies due to their lack of expertise.
  3. Prioritizing metrics: Rather than fixating solely on superficial indicators like page views or likes, concentrate on metrics that truly matter, such as leads, conversion rates, and revenue.
  4. Ensuring alignment of goals and values: Your SEO partner’s approaches and content must resonate with your e-commerce company’s objectives to achieve mutual success.
  5. Beware of promises of instant results: SEO is a gradual process, and hasty solutions often involve questionable tactics that search engine algorithms penalize over time.

Exercise caution with black hat SEO techniques. They involve unethical practices to manipulate search engine rankings. These methods, such as keyword stuffing, invisible text, and link schemes, can lead to severe penalties, including removal from search results.

Instead, use SEO products and services from reputable professionals who prioritize transparency and employ long-term, white hat strategies. These strategies revolve around creating valuable content and cultivating organic traffic through ethical means.

How to pick the right seo agency services

How to pick the right SEO agency for you?

  1. Define Your Goals: Clearly outline your SEO objectives and what you aim to achieve with your e-commerce website. Whether it’s increasing organic traffic, improving rankings for specific keywords, or boosting conversion rates, knowing your goals will guide your search for the right agency.
  2. Evaluate Their Expertise: Look for an agency with proven experience in e-commerce SEO. Check their portfolio and client testimonials to assess their track record in delivering results for businesses similar to yours.
  3. Assess Their Strategies: Inquire about the SEO strategies and techniques the agency employs. Ensure they use ethical, white-hat practices that comply with search engine guidelines to avoid any risk of penalties or damage to your website’s reputation.
  4. Consider Their Industry Knowledge: Choose an agency that understands the unique challenges and dynamics of the e-commerce industry. They should be familiar with e-commerce platforms, product optimization, seasonal trends, and other relevant factors that impact online retail.
  5. Check Their Tools and Resources: Inquire about the tools, technology, and resources the agency utilizes to execute their SEO campaigns. They should have access to cutting-edge SEO tools for keyword research, analytics, and performance tracking to drive results for your e-commerce website.
  6. Discuss Pricing and ROI: Understand the agency’s pricing structure and how they measure ROI. Look for transparency regarding costs and the expected outcomes of their SEO services. Ensure their pricing aligns with your budget and expectations for return on investment.
  7. Rely on your gut: Lean on your instincts when picking out an SEO agency for your e-commerce business. Choose one who puts you at ease and shares your vision for your e-commerce website’s success.


An effective SEO strategy can elevate your e-commerce brand’s search engine rankings and enhance online traffic. Outsourcing local SEO services presents a valuable opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Partnering with the right agency can position you prominently, ensuring visibility and attracting customers to your brand.