How to use LinkedIn to Grow Business

Marketing is known for identifying and satisfying the customer’s needs, an essential function in business. However, marketing is more relatable to deep-routed traditional business methods of finding customers, whereas digital marketing is concerned with modern marketing practices. As per various digital marketing agency services providers, marketing is concerned with traditions and adopting recent marketing trends like social media.

Social media marketing management quite often talks about the importance of Social media in business and its wide variety of channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. As per social media marketing experts, LinkedIn is another channel that fits well in social media. 

So what is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a place for recruiters to list jobs, a place for individuals to put their resumes online, and have an opportunity for both of those like-minded people to meet in the middle. LinkedIn has evolved into being the biggest and best business networking platform globally, launched in 2003, with 774+ million professionals joining from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

LinkedIn is not only about finding a job, but with its reach, it’s an excellent opportunity for many companies to expand their business. There are some tips or steps for how to use LinkedIn to grow business

Company Profile

Making a company profile is the first step, by filling out the profile with complete information about the company by writing a small summary, posting the profile picture with an exciting cover picture of the company, adding a logo and Call-to-Action button, including information about the products and service that can easily be found while searching. With a good profile page, it will be easy for the customer to identify the business, which helps the company attract talented professionals, helps potential clients recognize the offering given by the company and aid in knowing about the target audiences.

Optimize company page

After creating a profile, optimization of the company page comes second as it’s essential for business. So incorporating keywords and phrases about products and services that audiences or customers might use to search can help to boost audience growth. It is also constructive to link external pages, including company website address, company content, and other activities like events, live chats, and many more to LinkedIn pages.       


Once the company page is made and optimized, it should be promoted wisely. There should be an announcement about the company page to its employees, clients, and personal network, which will help gain the first followers. The content, when shared by stakeholders on their profile pages and networks, it leads to the promotion of the company and growth in audiences. In addition, it helps in promoting the company page. One of the company’s strategies is by including a LinkedIn button on the company website, which makes visitors follow the company page on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups

There are various groups on LinkedIn, anyone can join groups relevant to their industry and share their postings there. Groups can be a great source to promote business to larger set of audiences.

Publishing Platform

LinkedIn is not only for connection but also a platform to showcase or establish social engagement. Creating brand awareness through publishing exciting content such as articles, blogs, images, and videos will further notify the people who are following the company page. Publishing content regularly increases interest, keeps communication with audiences alive, and makes audiences feel part of the company. Moreover, the company will know what type of content is preferred by the people and what’s to be published in the future.

Online reputation

As businesses are going online, so many companies take the opportunity of adding the employee’s profile, pictures, videos, share exciting stories to increase the credibility and authenticity in expanding the brand awareness. This reputation helps in identifying and pinpoint the business when searched on Google.

LinkedIn SEO

Using SEO in LinkedIn will capture the attention as it’s also like a search engine. Here LinkedIn uses SEO to escalate the visibility of company profile by ranking them just like Google use SEO to rank. When the company profile ranks on the search page, it leads various other people to notice and enhance the change of getting potential leads, clients, hiring managers, and growing business. The use of a correct keyword leads to generating traffic and further increases the targeted audiences.

Wrapping Up

Social media marketing consultants have diverse opinions on the use of LinkedIn to grow business and its importance in the growth of the business. LinkedIn is not only a platform to make connections but has been used as a marketing platform to promote not only the company but also its employees. Creating a profile to optimize it provides an opportunity to reach, identify, and target potential clients and audiences, which helps in business growth. 

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