10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ad’s Conversions

Marketing has changed immensely from decade-old methods to a new innovative approach where its reach has become more comprehensive than before. Earlier, marketing includes advertising, order, sales, and purchase, which has remained the same until now but has changed the reach medium. This medium has induced digital marketing agency services, which help in creating marketing more interesting. With digitalization, the approach has changed, and with the inclusion of social media advertising services, reach has become more flexible and accessible. Facebook is a big platform where businesses, customers, suppliers, and significant marketing players coexist and trade efficiently. Facebook ads management service often talks about conversion and how any business needs to gain and retain customers.     

So what is conversion? This is the most critical question. In social media terms, conversion means when the user takes some effort to respond to action (call to action) or responds to an ad, offer, or notification. This particular effort is called conversion, which depends upon business to business. In social media, conversions impel users to convert from a browser to a buyer. Following are some tips to improve the conversion.

Targeting audiences

Facebook is the biggest social media platform to deal with, allowing targeting the specific audience as per the ads and who is probably easier to convert.

  • The audiences are chosen by location or area, age, interest, behaviour and demographic.
  • The audiences are chosen as per the past interaction with the website or ad.
  • The audiences are further chosen based on loyalty toward the brand or previously engaged with the ad campaigns.  

Conversion Goals

Setting conversion goals is essential as it applies to Facebook and various other social media platforms where people take knowledge of action. These goals are like a strategy that needs to be formulated as per ads, as every ad has a different goal depend upon the customers. These conversions in Facebook are:

  • Content view
  • Creating or adding wishlist
  • Commence checkout &
  • Purchase

Beautiful Landing page

In marketing, the first impression is considered last; if the landing page does not give an impression as promised in ads after clicking, it’s not worth it as it may discourage further conversion. So to present a beautiful landing page, it’s essential to make use of some tools:

  • Pixel: It is like a code used in the website to track conversion and collect data through the website and further helps in optimize Facebook ads, optimize ads, create targeted audiences, and remarket people. It consists of 2 codes, a based pixel and an event pixel. Every add account has one base pixel which should be implemented on every page of the website and create many events pixel for the required actions that can be tracked.
  • Constancy: The landing page must keep consistency promised in the ad, like an ad for a camera should land on camera rather than a cosmetic page, which does not have any correlation.
  • Optimize for apps: Since people spend more time on mobile phones, ads should be designed as per device compatibility to make conversion easy.


The great visual catches the audience’s attention in seconds when landing on the website, so the design and text must be crafted as per the audience’s likes. The image should be clear with proper text. Its size should be appropriate and not blurry, which should meet the specifications. The use of video or GIF creates more attention toward the ad, and it should also be compatible with mobile devices.

Short and witty

The ad should be straightforward to understand. The length of ads is often skipped as it does not keep the audience’s attention, so content should be short and crisp without any jargon. The ad also attracts attention when giving a personal touch to signify the relationship between the audience and brand using words like “you” and “yours”.

Using Call to Action

Conversion is all about encouraging the audiences to purchase or drives the action. With concrete and specific goals, the conversion’s call to action will also be high. The correct call to action buttons like newsletter subscription, explore, sign up, discover, find, start, and many more are helpful in conversion.

Expanding audiences

While creating the ads with the option of “targeting expansion,” more audiences are given specific preferences. That allows approaching more people with the benefit of more conversations.

Ad format

Creating suitable ads with appropriate and targeted goals is essential for a successful conversion. Carousel and collection ad is used for multiple products or to feature highlights. Facebook offer ads work on announcing deals and offers. Facebook canvas ads are great for showcasing bold and high-impact visuals.

Tracking Conversions

It is essential to track the activity like click and conversion from devices like mobile to desktop. With its overall reach, Facebook works as a data collection center of audiences or users through its software kit on mobile and desktop, which expends the targeted audiences in any ad campaign.

Converting Analytics to insights

Monitoring the social media campaign is essential as it gives an idea of what’s working and what’s not. With these insights, the ad campaign can be changed and remodeled to reach audiences for more conversion.

Wrapping Up:

Most social media marketing management companies believe these tips help in converting more audiences. Many of these techniques are used in the Facebook ad campaign to reach the conversion and target audience by identifying the needs and interests of customers.   

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