WordPress Plugin: Email Address Encoder

Creating a website is a necessary part of growing your business. Whether you’re trying to get your brand out there or sell products online, running a website can help you reach new customers and grow your business. But there’s so much that goes in, from finding the right host to choosing the right SEO keywords and more, it can be overwhelming.

WordPress and its plugins are incredibly helpful for website owners. They can add new features and functionality, secure your site, and help you with SEO. As a WordPress website design service provider specializing in WordPress development, it is recommended to use some of the best plugins that might be useful for any website owner.

Spammers are breaking into your website daily and trying to send millions of emails to make money off your hard work. Spamming can be easily prevented using WordPress plugins like Email Address Encoder. It is a handy plugin that resolves all email encoding problems. It does not require manual coding and can be used for personal and commercial sites.

What are the Email Address Encoder plugins?

Email Address Encoder is a WordPress plugin that protects your emails and “mailto” links from the robots who harvest emails. The plugin encodes the email addresses to entities in decimal or hexadecimal forms. It simply downloads JavaScript that fetches and changes your links’ URLs over client-side rendering with jQuery to encode them in decimal or hexadecimal formats.

The Email Address Encoder plugin is a free and simple way to protect your WordPress site from spammers. It works for email addresses for full-page protection, it works towards protecting phone numbers, and it renders hardened protection for JavaScript or CSS. This supports ACF, WooCommerce, and Jetpack.

This plugin is a way better option for encoding the email addresses for your emails. Using this plugin, you can easily encode the email address for any of your email templates, which has manually created or used any other third-party plugin. This plugin is the easiest way to add a masking feature to your WordPress website. It does not require any coding knowledge and is easy to use.

Why is Email Encoding Important?

When you paste your email address into posts or pages, you’re doing two things: turning off your website’s email protection features and giving spammers a free tool to send their junk mail right to you. They can paste it into their message and put it right into their database of names and addresses, no matter how many times the domain changes.

Most website owners don’t realize that using their email addresses in their posts, pages, or on a contact page can put them at risk for a lot of email spam. That’s why it’s essential to use proper email encoding. This will ensure your email address looks like “” – the correct characters that most mail servers can recognize.

Email harvesting is a common tactic used by spammers to collect the email addresses of people they can contact later. Spammers often use automated bots that scan the internet, looking for websites and forms that would allow them to harvest email addresses. They then sell these addresses to other spammers worldwide, who will send out phishing emails to trick people into disclosing their personal information, like credit card numbers or identity.

Sometimes you may need to add an email address that users can copy or click to email. When this is the case, it’s generally a good idea to make sure there is a contact form in addition to the email address so that people can reach out should they have questions or feedback.

Here are a few more reasons why you should get an Email Address Encoder:

  • Email Address Encoder is a helpful plugin that allows you to translate email addresses into 8 different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • It works for pages, comments, widgets, posts, and excerpts.
  • You can get quick replies from the developers using the support forum.
  • Changing and updating your plugin constantly is one of its significant benefits.

What will happen if you do not have an Email Address Encoder?

Your email address is one of the essential details that you provide on a day-to-day basis. It helps in accessing your bank and other important financial accounts. So, protecting your email address from being spammed or misused by sharing private information with unknown people is necessary. It would help if you had an Email Address Encoder to eliminate this mess.

To avoid phishing scams, you must be aware of the most popular attacks. These are through email, voicemail, and texts that are often sent to your mobile phone. The hacked emails contain viruses, so if they get your valuable data, then it will be a great loss for you. Therefore, keep your eyes open and watch out for these phishing emails. Another great feature of Email Address Encoder is that it protects your website from viruses through a secure online zip code that offers you the highest level of protection.

You cannot stop spam if someone is trying to spam your emails. Although, you can take some actions like ensuring your email address is protected and changing the password every few weeks.

Wrapping Up

According to SEO service experts, the WordPress plugin Email Address Encoder is the best solution to protect your emails. It has more security measures than the built-in anti-spambot function of WordPress. Enabling this plugin can speed up the process of encoding your email addresses, and you can get the best security for your website.

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