How Digital Marketing Drives Growth for Sustainable E-commerce Businesses?

Sustainable Ecommerce Brand to drive traffic with digital marketing services

E-commerce is revolutionizing the internet market with its constant updates and changes. Many online sites like Statista forecasts the ratio of online to offline purchases, with a projected growth of over 21% by 2028 compared to 16% in 2023, and this is just the beginning.

With a rapid change in climatic conditions and global warming, the rise of sustainable products has evolved, eventually letting the world recognize that we live in this environment along with other beings and that humans aren’t alone living on earth.

How can digital marketing play a pivotal role as an advisor, enabling these brands to grow alongside other high-profit-making giants? This blog explains how to grow your sustainable product online with Internet marketing services.

What are sustainable products?

These are products designed and produced with minimal environmental and social impact. They consider eco-friendly materials, responsible sourcing, and ethical labor practices. Such products are reusable or easy to dispose of, and they do not affect many flora and fauna on the earth. Plus, the cherry on top is that some of them are vegan too.

Benefits of using sustainable products:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Conserves water
  • Cruelty-free
  • Easy to decompose
  • Minimal in nature
  • Made with reusable materials
  • Some of them are vegan.

and much more.

Challenges Faced by Sustainable Brands

  • Lack of Competitive Pricing:

Some sustainable products become costly due to limited suppliers and sometimes due to higher procurement costs. So it becomes difficult for brands to offer competitive pricing compared to the well-established companies that have invested in cost optimization for their products.

  • Greenwashing by Competitors:

According to the NRDC, “greenwashing is the act of making false or misleading statements about the environmental benefits of a product or practice.

Some misleading companies make false announcements in their campaigns this act has changed the mindset of people to be skeptical about eco-friendly claims. However, it’s important to build credibility in the minds of your target audience, which can help you gain more trust and assurance that your product has proven its promises.

  • Product Performance:

Some products could fail to beat established companies due to a lack of support for marketing activities; in short, they cannot reach the right audience. Such factors can lead to the slow growth of a sustainable product’s brand.

  • Strong Competition:

The demand for sustainable products has prompted many individuals to enter this industry, which will likely lead to a surge in competition for these products.

How Digital Marketing Helps Sustainable Brands?

  • Green Marketing: According to Forbes,green marketing refers to advertising products or services on the basis that they are eco-friendly.” This kind of marketing highlights your contribution to society and the cause to save our planet. Emphasizing such points can help you gain more attention of the eco-conscious audiences.
  • Value Recognition: Sustainable products typically command a premium price, necessitating sellers to exert additional effort in educating consumers about their value. With marketing, they can easily educate their audience and spread awareness among their target market so that the audience can understand why products are so costly.
  • Target Market Reach: It allows brands to touch base in a growing market of eco-conscious consumers. For instance, a Nielsen study found that 73% of global consumers are willing to change their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact. Sustainable brands particularly appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, the largest consumer segments, with around 62% of them preferring sustainable products.
  • Market Capture: Sustainable brands can effectively reach these consumers through digital marketing to secure a significant share of the e-commerce market, forecasted to grow at a Compound annual growth rate of 15% or more in the upcoming years.
  • Storytelling: Share your brand’s sustainability journey and product impact, emphasizing your commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Also, share your story of how you got the idea to start this business.
  • Community Building: Build a community around your brand by posting constantly on your website and social accounts and reaching out to your eco-conscious consumers and social media influencers. This builds brand loyalty and trust.
  • Cost Savings: If you outsource marketing to an agency, they can optimize your budget and help you grow organically with their professional SEO services and expert paid advertising strategies.

Why Outsource Digital Marketing for Sustainable Brands?

  • Targeted Reach: An agency can share your content with eco-conscious consumers actively seeking sustainable options through social media or emails. Try hiring agencies for the best digital marketing services they can offer this would prove to be a game changer.
  • Budgeting Expertise: A digital marketing team with experience in promoting sustainable products helps you easily find eco-conscious consumers with less effort and low cost with the right keyword selection, budgeting strategies, and campaign optimization.
  • Content Marketing for Education: Marketing agencies can create valuable content (blogs, videos, and infographics) that educates consumers about sustainability and the benefits of sustainable products and makes people aware of what makes them choose your product.
  • Advanced Tools: An agency has access to advanced marketing tools that can analyze more precisely and interpret suggestions to optimize campaigns that you can use with the right budgeting, targeting, and positioning for your brand.
  • Focus on Core Business: Outsourcing marketing can help you free up internal resources to focus on product manufacturing and other core business operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Sustainable brands are experiencing rapid expansion.
  • Soon, these environmentally friendly businesses will hold over 15% of the market share.
  • Business owners face difficulties in educating and capturing the right audience.
  • Engaging the target market effectively remains a key challenge.
  • Proper digital marketing strategies are important for better visibility.
  • Correct product placement can gather great attention from the intended audience.

Wrapping up

Digital marketing can help sustainable brands reach new endeavors by promoting eco-conscious choices and contributing to a greener future. Not only should products be eco-friendly, but the return process also needs to be environmentally friendly. According to Loop Returns, 56% of shoppers are concerned about eco-friendly returns, and with the right marketing tactics, we can stand out in this ecosystem.