Free SEO Tools to Audit a Website

In today’s world, SEO has gained an important place in the digital market, where companies are spending money to promote their presence and business through websites. SEO deals in ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ activities that help in improving the ranking of the website. Only relying on search engine optimization service is not sufficient, the company website also needs an audit to assess its completeness and stability as per the desired guidelines using SEO audit tools.

There are different types of SEO audit tools used by digital marketing service providers which are easy to install, register and use, some of them are discussed next: 

SEO Site Checkup

This tool is used to create the sitemap, track the keywords, keep track of the performance of the website etc. Site checkup is good in identifying the problems related to the website, such as JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), page loading speed, meta description, meta title, mobile handling, heading etc. SEO site checkup has the following features:


This tool is also known as h-supertools, consisting of a group of tools such as bulk email sender, SEO keyword, link shortner etc. SEO analyzer is the most popular in the H-educate, which analyzes the website by providing a report with details of errors and improvements in SEO. SEO analyzer audits the website with specific parameters such as meta title, meta description, mobile utility, domain authority, page speed etc.


This tool is similar to any other SEO audit tool, where it performs website auditing and reporting, page speed, mobile utility, website performance issue, social media issue, on-page SEO insights etc. SEOptimer is popular among small companies that are trying to create their market presence.

SE Ranking

This site is used for backlink tracking, on-page analysis, keyword research, etc. SE Ranking tool checks all the links while keeping track of the website’s health, monitors the issue related to user experience, and generates the report on SEO issues. Some SE ranking features include:

  • Automatic analysis of all the links and images;
  • Identification of technical errors affecting SEO; and
  • Providing tips on resolving the SEO issues.  


This tool is all in one where it monitors the overall health of the website, provide page score, identify critical errors, find and fix broken links, detect duplicate content etc. Sitechecker can be assessed without registration and make sure the best page of the website, generating traffic and sales, is problem-free.


This tool helps keep track of SEO traffic, helps in improving the ranking, provide insightful data in specific keywords, customizes the location and language, helpful in retrieving the historical data etc.


This tool performs an instant audit of websites technical part, on-page and off-page SEO. It also provides information and tips for resolving any issue based on the priority. WooRank also has a feature of social shareability, and its Chrome extension is called as SEO Analysis & Website Review, which is extremely easy to use.


This tool is very much similar to other SEO Audit tools in providing errors, display of scores of various websites, and identify errors in HTTP headers, CSS, JavaScript files, issues related to on-page SEO etc. It can crawl up to 1000 pages and present a content report describing the issues like keyword stuffing.

ToolsFree VersionExport to PDF Report Email Audit Report Download Audits ReportChrome extension
SEO Site CheckupYesNoNoNo  No
SE RankingYesNoNoNoNo

Key Takeaway:

As per professional search engine optimization experts, the website health check is imperative and thus, auditing a website on a monthly or quarterly, or yearly basis ensures the desired website performance. SEO Audit tools come as an effective set of tools to assess and do a quick fix to the website to ensure its secured and sustainable performance. 

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