How Google Ads and SEO Help Each Other

Digital marketing, as one of the branches of modern marketing, has introduced many services that promote the business and generate traffic. Google ads or PPC (pay per click) advertising and SEO (Search engine optimization) are two digital marketing services strategies used by many organizations where both helps the business to make its place in SERP (search engine result page). 

Google ads is an online advertising platform where companies advertise their products and services to interested audiences through paid campaigns. SEO is a platform that helps in the visibility of the website through organic activities. Both SEO and PPC are essential for a business as both directly and indirectly affect each other in boosting traffic. 

SEO on-page activity: 

SEO activities like on-page have a simultaneous effect on PPC. Whatever changes are made on-page, such as meta description and meta title, will impact PPC if they are good. A good on-page activity will impact website visibility on mobile devices, page load speed, use of keywords in content and content quality to increase ad quality score.


The keyword search is important for both Google ads and SEO. The keywords used in Google ads rank right away, but it takes time to gain momentum in SEO. Google ads help with the organic keyword. If there any traffic history of Google ads it’s easy to pick the best performing keywords, which provides backing for SEO keywords through search volume and competitive metrics as an effective search strategy. 

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The presentation of a website’s preview or snippets and Google ads are displayed in a SERP are primarily the same. Wisely optimized sentences and ad presentations can provide the best results for user queries, maximize ranking and increase click-through rates. One should remember that the closer the ad description is to the user’s query, the chances will be higher in the number of clicks.


Both PPC and SEO workaround brand awareness and brand building. As per Google ads experts, while running any ads or campaigns, audiences show interest in the website by clicking the source. If every visited audience follows the process and the website appears on the search result page for few times, then it can be said that the audiences are familiar with the brand. While SEO takes a long time to show results but it’s long-lasting, with its creative content ideas such as blog, designer infographics, video series etc., adds more value to the brand.

My business page: 

Every business needs visibility, and Google is the source where it reflects the result. SEO helps optimize My business page, also known as business profile, with information about the business such as an address, business type, website information, phone numbers, visiting hours, FAQs, images, etc. The information provided helps with a map listing in Google as an effective local marketing strategy which benefits the smart search campaign and standard search campaign in PPC. 

Summing Up:

Digital marketing services experts, have viewed the importance of Google ads and SEO for ranking and generating the traffic for the website. As per search engine optimization services experts, it is always good for business if both Google ads and SEO is combined, that not only help in branding but also affects the keyword structure, campaigns, website experience and audiences interest.

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