Impact of Covid on Digital Marketing

The covid pandemic has changed everything from businesses shifting their focus online to uncertainty in demand for goods and services. However, when talking about the digital realm, it is not complete without discussing the impact of covid on digital marketing with statistics reflecting how much it has affected the online space.

The second wave of Covid-19 has prolonged the pandemic forcing businesses to reframe their digital marketing goals. This resulted in many agencies redefining their business model to adapt to this ever-changing market. The result is the larger space for digital marketing agency services for piloting customer initiatives.

In the early days, digital marketing mainly attracted web developers and coders. But today, things have changed drastically. Digital marketing attracts entrepreneurs, online business owners, marketers, and every major organization in the world has a digital marketing team. Statistics show that 85% of all Fortune 500 companies have a dedicated digital marketing team.

Covid-19 has triggered the rise of digital marketing, where sales via the internet, mobile, and social media have been so rapid that most businesses have been forced to look at how they could leverage these digital opportunities. This sudden change due to pandemics has affected business, people, the market, and the environment drastically. Some of these effects are as follows: 

Knowing the customers

Today one knows more about the consumers than ever before. With qualitative and quantitative data, about the social and economic environment in which they live, along with a range of influencing factors such as attitudes and opinions, behaviors and preferences, needs, and desires. The challenge is turning these insights into relevant and meaningful communications for the target market.

Every customer has unique needs, interests, motivations, and characteristics. Companies must effectively communicate to each unique customer in a manner that is relevant to them. This requires knowing each customer to understand better what they want and how it links with benefits delivered by the company product or service.

Evolution in Consumer’s Behaviour

We are entering the age of social media marketing. It has become the go-to platform for marketers. The consumers are already there, hence, one has to get in the game. The overall consumer behavior has drastically changed. Consumers prefer online shopping for almost everything because of the ease it offers, and the safety of their health remains intact.

As per a social media marketing consultant, with social media growth, people with businesses now started using the platform as a medium to market themselves and their business with the help of ads. This opened up a huge opportunity for aspiring advertisers to promote many products and services with relatively low prices and eventually learn the ropes and start making money from that platform.

There are many reasons why businesses are shifting to social media marketing. Social media is an effective platform for building community on the internet, enabling brands to connect with consumers in general. Consumers trust online shopping more than general shopping, where their health is at stake. It offers more flexibility in the sense that it’s 24 hours available.

Humanized brands

Humanizing brands is a concept that has been around for years and re-emerges every few years with a change recurring in the business world. It involves creating a true and real brand picture that resonates with people and increases their share of engagement.

Humanizing brands means communicating the brand’s personality to customers through ads, blogs, social media, and more. A lot of time is spent on figuring out how brands can create a personality that is bold enough to be memorable yet distinctive sufficient to recall the brand’s existence in customers’ minds. Humanizing delivers an emotional connection with customers at all levels.

Moving to a virtual work format

The digital marketing agencies have been working from desk less space for a while now. They have been successful because they have worked with the right rigor to make their work functional without any impact on the physical workspace. With the recent lockdown, it has become a necessity for agencies to operate solely from a virtual workspace.

Tapping into this opportunity, many digital marketing companies have turned their physical office spaces into virtual ones without sacrificing the quality of work. They maintain a professional atmosphere in a remote location in a virtual work format by deploying state-of-the-art technology.

Working from a virtual desk format has its advantages. One of them is the complete freedom from having to be on the constant lookout for the next cubicle or space. This saves considerable working time, and there is no scope for distraction.

Influencer Marketing

A known fact about marketing and advertising these days is way too expensive, and it can drain the resources. One area where one can save money and resources is through influencer marketing. By working with the right influencers, one can make the products known to consumers across the globe.

According to social media advertising services providers, influencer marketing is a great way to get the word out about the company and its products. By having Influencers review and rank on products, trust can be built with potential customers. The concept of Influence Marketing has been around for a while now. It’s all about trust and seeking advice from people in believing and helping in making the best buying decisions.

Influencer Marketing is good for marketing strategy in businesses. This process involves finding and working with famous YouTube personalities, bloggers, celebrities, and other social media figures who like the brand, then encouraging them to use that platform to promote the product or service.

Takeover by OTT Platforms

With the growing popularity of the internet and the boom in online video streaming, businesses optimize their videos to better their engagement rate with their target audience. While most companies may already have an online presence through websites, social media, blogs, etc., if they do not have their own videos on these platforms, this is worsening their chances of catching people’s attention.

Multiple platforms have gained popularity over the last year, including Netflix, Instagram, and Snapchat. The major players in this market include Flipkart, Yupp TV, and Airtel Digital TV. At the same time, the downfall of several big players such as Mobikwik and Snapdeal has immensely upset the balance in the digital marketing industry.


A concept that makes perfect sense as a guiding principle for business comprises environmental, social, and economic dimensions. The definition of sustainability might vary depending on who to ask, but what is becoming more evident is that consumer and stakeholder interest and involvement in this area have reached a tipping point.

More than ever, the world needs benign suppliers of products and services that protect people, animals, and natural resources, so they can work together to preserve life on earth. Health is the key to sustainability. The marketing platform reinforces to deliver quality products and services; legitimize the collective efforts, and bring new customers to the brands.

Wrapping up

The digital marketing consulting services stress that the Covid-19 pandemic seriously has damaged the digital marketing landscape. As a result, digital marketers have to find new ways to advance business development. The Covid-19 outbreak has required agencies to put more resources into branding, social media, and more necessary items for survival in the industry.

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