On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist

onpage seo checklist

Digital marketing is one of the most conducive platform for promoting any product, services, portfolio or brand. It has opened multiple options for search engine optimization services for the users as per their needs. In line with the trends and relevance of the innovation happening in the digital marketing services, the concept of On-Page and Off-Page SEO is extremely important, as On-Page gives a glimpse of website and Off-Page gives a glimpse of authority and popularity of a website.

We have covered a basic SEO checklist consist of Google search console and Bing webmaster tool, Google analytic, meta title, meta description, SEO- friendly URL, image alt tag, schema markup, heading tag, internal link, and social sharing button in our last post. For more information, read quick and basic SEO checklist 2021.

This post will focus on ‘On Page SEO Checklist for 2021’, which is provided below:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate Site HTTPS:

Having an SSL certificate is always helpful as it enables the website to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is relatively more secured compared to the former. Google has also made it mandatory to have HTTPS for all its sites for security reasons. The SSL certificate should be installed for overall protection to improve the website ranking, and further securing all the data and the information on the webserver.

Site loading speed:

For every company, it is essential to keep a desired website loading speed and work towards making it better to enhance user experience. Slow website has negative impact on the user experience that directly affects the SEO. Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool helps measure the website speed and enhances the loading speed, performance, and SEO ranking.

Optimize image:

Image optimization is essential as Google can’t recognize an image, and it is crucial to make the Google crawler understand the image. To help Google understand, there is a need to optimize the image alt tags, file name, and size. File name describes the image, its correct size, and quality to be used on each page.

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Use the keyword in 1st para or 100 words:

Using keywords in content is essential, especially while writing blogs. Using the keywords in content improves the content value, and reflects a connection with the content. It’s a good practice to use keywords in the first para or in the first 100 words that generates the readers’ interest.

Check crawl error:

This means that Google is facing difficulty in reading or recognizing a page. Finding and fixing the errors are essential, unless errors are fixed, Google will not be able to do indexing or ranking of the concerned page in the search results. Crawl error can easily be fixed by Google Search Console’s “coverage” report, where users can view all the URLs that contain errors.


Google is emphasizing on improved user experience on a mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Google recommends conducting tests on mobiles to check the accessibility to the websites by using its mobile-friendly test tool which is free of cost. This helps in improving usability-related problems such as issue of font size, improper display etc. Many companies are prioritizing mobile-friendly websites and testing the same to increase performance, ranking and eventually the outreach on the Mobiles.

Add structure data:

Adding schemas and structure are essential in SEO to strengthen the website’s appearance in Google search results. Structure data is used as a way to add semantic information about the content on the webpage, this includes blog posts, videos, products, etc. There are different forms of schema markup for structuring data for people, place, organization, local business, reviews, etc.

Wrapping Up:

As per the professional search engine optimization experts, On Page SEO checklists are handy and extremely helpful for SEO services. It has been recognized and considered by different industry types to improve their SEO performance, website ranking and ultimately enhancing their brand image. 

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