Paid Advertisement Vs. Organic Advertisement: Which is better?

Search engine offers a platform to undertake any research pertaining to new terminologies, products, services, videos, offers, reading material, games etc., through different advertisements and useful content. Advertising products, services, and brand name through strategically designed campaigns are part of well-planned digital marketing services which are incorporated by businesses in their marketing strategy. There are two types of advertisements namely ‘Organic’ and ‘Paid’, which are implemented by different business as per their business needs. Both the advertisement types are discussed next: 

Organic advertisement:

It doesn’t involve any cost for advertising any product, service or brand on the social media and search engines. Due to the free services, organic advertisements are preferred by majority of the businesses promoting their portfolios on social media or search engines.   Organic advertisement also offers flexibility in experimenting on the search engine Optimization (SEO) without spending money, and increases the possibility to generate the traffic for the business naturally over a time.

Following are the major benefits of using organic advertisement:

  • As it doesn’t involve any cost, it is used by all the businesses, and preferred by medium and small enterprises.
  • During any search, a bulk of organic advertisements are listed for further clicking or accessing the advertisement If offers good recommendations and choices as per the user need rather than a sales pitch
  • It increases brand awareness and recognition, which is imperative for business 
  • Even though the organic ads are slow one can still get more traffic over time.

Paid advertisement:

As the name says, these are advertisements which are to be paid for an ad space in exchange of that space through bidding system.  Due to the cost involved, paid advertisements finds a greater outreach for a respective product or service category. Pay per click (PPC) advertising, pay per impression (PPI), and display ads are different types of paid ads which allows customization of campaigns to the marketers.

Following are the major benefits of using paid advertisement:

  • Money in paid advertisement is translated into generating more traffic and instant result
  • It helps to target any region as per the marketer’s choice
  • It also allows the ads to be displayed only during the business operating hours to ensure the action can be taken on timely basis during the business hours
  • It displays the aggressive landing page for products, services, and related offers
  • Customized information is provided about the products or the services to the targeted audience
  • It helps in generating quick sales

Both Organic and Paid advertisement are important in their respective applications due to their attributes and target audience. For some businesses, organic advertisement yields the desired result and for some only paid advertisements help. According to social media marketing experts, a hybrid of organic and paid advertisement strategy will showcase greater benefits in the longer run.  For quick results of sensitive products or services paid advertisement may help, and for regular products or services organic advertisement may be beneficial. 

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