Brand Building Through Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, brand building has become a necessity and culture that drives people perception. Brand building doesn’t happen overnight rather it take significant time, commitment, effective strategy, planning and execution. Branding strategy has also evolved with the time by using innovative technologies such as brand building through social media or digital media.   

Digital marketing services have encouraged and induced creativity and brand transformation through innovative ideas of promoting the brand, connecting with people, and appreciating the customers for choosing the brand. An amalgamation of trust, knowledge, loyalty, support, and many more such factors, supplemented through an effective marketing platform drives a brand building. 

There are multiple ways to build a brand through social media, some of them are explained below:

  1. Targeted audience: Reaching the right audiences at the right time through social media marketing services is essential to make an everlasting impression on the audience for mutual benefit. Multiple attributes steer the selection of right set of audience for ex. age group, geographical location, behavior, educational background etc. for customizing the social media marketing strategy.
  2. Target right platforms: There are various social media platforms, where brands can be marketed. Some popular ones with multi-million users include Twitter, Linked –In, Facebook and Instagram. The brands also establish their page on the social media platforms, and keep on providing updates or news from time to time about their portfolios to ensure effective outreach.
  3. Brand credentials and authenticity: Brand logo promotes the company’s identity and provides an enduring image in the audience mind. Unique and clear logo helps in creating an identity which strikes the audience to differentiate between brands. Different brand names are tagged with different set of values, but the audience prefer brands based on their needs and expectations thus authenticating the purpose.
  4. Content: This is a necessity where writing content on different platforms should be distinct and creative, generating value and interest among the audiences. The incorporation of visual content such as image and videos draws attention and generates eagerness among the audience. Using persuasive content and the adoption of popular #hashtags offers content sharing between users. It’s essential to maintain a content calendar to manage and post the content in a planned manner, and keep a record of what is already posted and what’s next to post.
  5. Encourage the audience to follow brand’s social media profile: Social media profile should be creative and attractive to pull audiences towards the brand. Following tips will make the presence quintessential:
  • Relevant and useful post
  • Hosting events and their knowledge to audience
  • Regular update of the brand’s cover page
  • Updates about key achievements
  • Incorporating popular #hashtags
  • Responding to customers’ request and comment on a timely basis.

    6. Keep track: Tracking is imperative in social media and is beneficial in long run. Effective tracking helps brands in targeting the right audience to transform them into a customer. Some of the key tracking parameters that facilitates brand customization as per users include:
  1. Like: Awareness about the number of likes on the social media posts.
  2. Comment: Numbers of positive comments on the post is one of the best performance KPI to determine audience engagement with the brand.
  3. Tweets: Tracking the number of tweets each user has made.
  4. Share: Keep track of social media posts and number of times they were shared.
  5. Mention: Tracking those who have tagged or mentioned the brand in a post or tweet.


Social media marketing experts are of the opinion that brand value must not be compromised, and should always be the cynosure for any organization. Social media provides a trending platform to target the desired audience and uplift the societal view of the organization, if used sensibly and cautiously. Social media platform should be used for corporate building by following all the necessary protocols to develop and sustain brand value in an ethical manner.

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