16 Expert Google Ads Tips: What Strategies Work Best?

You might be using the best ad copy, great set of keywords, warm audience list and stellar landing page in your campaign but if left untouched, the same set of keywords can eat up your budget without providing any results. Hence it is better to keep on tweaking your campaign metrics when & where required.

We are spilling out some optimization secrets, so keep this safe for future reference.

1)  Spy on your competitor & increase expansion opportunities

  • Use various competitor tools to check their best-targeted keywords & ads & include them in your strategy.

2)  Make a Habit to Create SKAG

  • Gain more control over a single keyword & improve quality score.

3)  Include RLSA Audience

  • Remarket Audience through search ads & try to run broad/phrase keywords for the same.

4)  Match Customer Intent with CTA

  • Write separate CTA based on customer intentions.

5)  Spend Money only on Converting Locations

  • Adjust bids or exclude locations at the micro level for the non-converting regions. You can also try to create separate campaigns for each of the locations with the help of search engine marketing experts.

6)  Make use of the Ad Schedule

  • Run your ads only for the converting hours/day to utilize the budget efficiently.

7)  Pause Broad Match Keywords

  • Avoid using broad match keywords instead use your budget efficiently by running keywords in the phrase or exact.

8)  A/B Testing of the Landing Page

  • Create two RSAs in one ad group & assign separate landing pages for testing.

9)  Attract your Competitor’s Audience

  • Check the search volume & pick out your competitor’s brand name keyword & target them in your campaign.

10)  Use Search Console Keywords

  • Use the best traffic-generating keywords from the search console & target them in a separate campaign/ad group.

11)  Focus on Ad Customization

  • Include keyword & location insertion to customize the theme of the ads.

12)  Retire Campaigns that you Don’t Need

  • Not all campaigns perform well hence pause the non-performing ones.

13)  Bolster your Efforts with Bid Adjustments

  • Reduce the bids of non-performing metrics & provide more bids to the converting ones.

14)  Deep Dive into Demographics

  • Eliminate the demographics which are not relevant to you.

15)  Eliminate the bad with Negative Keywords

  • Regularly add irrelevant search terms to the negative list.

16)  Pin/Unpin Responsive Search Ads

  • After checking the ads history we can take a decision to pin up the headlines to improve the relevancy.