Best WordPress Plugins – Part II

The website of any company represents the interaction between the business and people. It consists of a detailed overview of products and services offered by the company to the customers. A website has multiple variables such as layouts, content, and graphics, which is essential for promoting the business digitally. For web design and digital marketing company, the promotion of the website is an effective marketing strategy whether it’s online or offline. WordPress is one of the most popular website creation engines, which provides a good backing for any website, and with its plugins become more sophisticated in looks and use. Although the website landing page doesn’t show any plugins, all the works are done only by the plugins. As per the ecommerce digital marketing agency and SEO services provider, some of the plugins that help website are:

All in one SEO (AIOSEO) plugins

It is one of the best and powerful WordPress plugins used by over 2 million websites. AIOSEO is preferred by business owners, marketers, and web developers as it’s easy to use and improves website search rankings. Some of the features of AIOSEO are:

  • Helps in optimizing SEO contents like bogs, meta tags, generating XML sitemaps, adding schema markup, and more.
  • AIOSEO integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • It also makes it easy to connect with Google Search Console, Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), and other WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce and many more.
  • AIOSEO supports Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO.
  • It does not require coding skills as it’s beginner-friendly.
  • It ensures a smooth and fast-running website.

Yoast SEO Plugin

This plugin is essential as it optimizes the website for various search engines such as Google, Bing, and many more. Yoast is helpful in any content posted on the website as it provides an indicator through colors like red, orange, and green. Where red indicates the problems, orange indicates the improvement, and green means good results. Some of the features of Yoast SEO plugins are:

  • Yoast helps optimize website pages like content, images, title, meta description, and keywords.
  • It makes it easy for Google to understand the website.
  • Yoast has complete control over site breadcrumbs, which navigates the users and search engine.
  • It helps users and search engines to read content and loads the websites faster.


This plugin is made to make WordPress safer and faster. Jetpack plugin is designed to provide security, improve website performance, encourage social media sharing, provide backups, and many more. Some of the features of Jetpack are:

  • Automatically performs malware scans.
  • Monitors the website uptime/downtime and gets instant alert.
  • Provides high speed, ad free video content.
  • Jetpack helps in traffic growth for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and more.


It is the most popular eCommerce platform for online stores in WordPress. WooCommerce is an open-source meaning complete ownership of the store and is made for developers. This plugin helps in selling products digitally, it manages the inventory, shipping and assists customers in finding what they need. Some of the WooCommerce features:

  • It offers flexible and secure payment options, including Amazon Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, cash on delivery, and others.
  • Help in creating a beautiful, enticing storefront with themes suitable to brand and industry.
  • WooCommerce manages the order and saves time with automated tax calculations.
  • Helps in smooth integration with marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Shopping and many more.


It is the most popular page builder plugin used by 8 million websites. Elementor helps create a beautiful landing page design with its simple drag and drop interface for great visuals. Some of the features of Elementor are:

  • It helps in customize the website as per brand with visual effects, fonts and enhance the background.
  • Elementor is faster as it provides instant drag and drop, live edits, instant page load, which helps the website.
  • It has 90+ widgets like heading, image, text editor, video, testimonials, icon, image gallery, progress bar, side bar, Google maps, and many more.


As the name says, Duplicator lets the website duplicate in another server. With over 20 million downloads, it successfully gives WordPress users to migrate, copy, move or clone a site and make a backup to various cloud locations. Some of the features of Duplicator are:

  • Duplicators help in creating the backup of the website.
  • It works every time despite the size and the content of the website.
  • Duplicator boast zero downtime while moving or migrating the website between domains.
  • Duplicator is easy to use and move.

Broken Link Checker

This plugin is very useful in finding the broken link or dead links on the website. A broken link on the website is not good as it not only affects the SEO ranking but the Google crawler also treats them as harmful. Some of the features of the Broken link checker are:

  • It helps in finding the broken links by scanning the website and fix the link and images on the content.
  • It monitors the blog post, pages and other content on the website.
  • Broken link notifies about the dead link through dashboard or e-mail.
  • It provides the link to edit the page of the broken link on the website.

Wrapping Up

As per the web design and development services providers, the WordPress plugins are helpful and enhance user experiences. Although these plugins are unique and different, their usage depends on the type of business website. All these plugins provide continuous support to WordPress, which automatically helps the website. We at Semtitans use many of these plugins for our website and our client’s website.

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