Tools For Search Engine Marketing

Tools For Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing has significantly changed the way retailers sell products and services in today’s marketplace. Over the years, the digital marketing agency services talk about search engine marketing (SEM) that have evolved to include a variety of platforms that businesses can use to track their online advertising.

SEM is simply one of the most important digital marketing strategies the user can focus on. As per pay per click advertising services provider, it is the process of using techniques to get a website higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher the rank, the more the traffic, which helps in more sales. SEM usually refers to ranking well in Google, but it also applies to other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu.

There are many types of SEM tools, and it is important to determine the need before making a decision and some of them are as follows:


The SEMrush Advertising Toolkit offers a complete set of solutions for planning, executing, tracking, and optimizing the PPC advertising campaigns. It provides all the features that is profitable SEM campaigns from start to finish through an all-in-one platform. This includes keyword research, analytics, competitor analysis, ad copy optimization, and more.

The SEMrush Advertising Toolkit comprises all free and commercial tools. It gives access to powerful features to boost advertising performance in social media, search, display, mobile, video, and pay-per-click. With A range of advertising solutions for all digital needs including PPC, SEO, social media, Content Marketing, Display Advertising and more. The use of SEMrush in SEM campaigns:

  • Analyze competitor keywords
  • Find keyword gaps
  • Find top-performing competitor ad
  • Look into Competitors convert paid traffic
  • Look into display creatives are used

Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor is a free desktop program that gives the user more control over AdWords accounts. The user can adjust bids, add and remove Ad Groups and ads, change campaign settings, upload keywords from a file, and more. The editor features a map view that works in any browser, but for more advanced features like keyword synonyms and saved searches it connects to the AdWords API. Users can create, edit, and preview multiple ads in draft mode before they go live, which makes it quick and easy to set up ads for new campaigns. It also allows to track important campaign metrics, like click-through rate, cost, position, and conversion information.


Optmyzr is an all-in-one platform that offers various SEM tools running on a single software. It is a great tool for managing multiple accounts, allowing the user to have time-saving efficiencies, advanced tools for creating and managing campaigns in bulk, automation of tasks that are tedious and repetitive, and the freedom to access the account anywhere. It allows you to launch, track, and manage PPC campaigns on different platforms like Google and Bing without switching between multiple dashboards.

Optmyzr integrates with the most popular tools in the SEM spectrum, including AdWords, Bing Ads, SEO tools, CRMs, CRO tools, and many more. This means you can automate your social posts, conversion tracking pixels, bulk upload to AdWords for video ads, and much more.


Unbounce is the only all-in-one landing page platform that allows the user to build, optimize, and deliver high-converting landing pages without requiring a single line of code which helps in AdWords campaigns, lead generation offers, or webinars. With new features including advanced analytics, faster performance, and smarter integrations. Unbounce helps businesses boost conversions and revenue and spend less time building landing pages. It is well-known throughout the industry for its incredibly easy user experience, and it has recently combined this with even more powerful A/B testing features.


Moat is a free SEM and search marketing tool for display & video advertisers. Perform search queries on user’s own brand or competitor brands to look at the top creative of SEM display ads. This tool is especially helpful for creative agencies, because it’s just one click of a button to get new creative ideas for clients. Discover competitors’ ads and get inspired by the best ad campaigns. Moat’s display ad library of over a Million of the most engaging ads includes an original review of each ad, size, page URL of the ad, creative used for the ad and whether or not it was effective. That way the user can maximize the number of views on the display campaigns.


Supermetrics is a complete data management solution. Supermetrics helps the user to pull all SEM data into Google Sheets, Data Studio, Excel or BigQuery. It Bridges the gap between various sources like Bing Ads, Google Ads, Adwords Editor, Facebook, Twitter & run reports across different platforms to get a complete picture of SEM strategy. With the ability to filter and create pre-built report templates in Data Studio or with their BI tool, BigQuery, they make it easy for user to communicate marketing success in every marketing meeting.


SpyFu is a proactive search engine optimization platform that offers a fresh approach for keyword research and competitive analysis in the world of online marketing. SpyFu helps in monitoring the competitor in a better way by showing which keywords they’re buying in Google AdWords along with their traffic, thus giving the user a better insight of what to target and which niche to approach. It draws in keyword data from Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. SpyFu also has keyword rank tracking tools that let user track its own site’s progress.


Snappa is a drag-and-drop graphic designer, targeted at power users who want to create professional-looking banner ads or other graphics for paid social ads or blog posts. No matter what user need to promote on social media, blog posts or email promotions, it has a pre-built design that can tweak and upgrade to fit as per needs. Snappa have a great search functionality that makes it easy to find exactly what is needed, and the pricing is very fair.

Call Tracking Metrics

With Call Tracking Metrics (CTM), user don’t need to guess which ad or marketing channel is generating business for the company. Every call, text, chat, and form that user receives with a CTM tracking number can be linked to the PPC ad campaign that inspired it. No other call tracking software gives this level of insight into the ROI of the marketing activities.

Wrapping Up

As per search engine marketing consultant, there are a lot of SEM tools on the market. Knowing which one offers the best features is key to saving time, energy and money. SEMs also provide different sets of data as well as data insights. Determining the resources available, desired output from the use of the tool and pricing information is what makes SEMs very unique from one another. Some tools even provide a free trial before charging a monthly fee after a certain time period.

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